drawn together @ Haw Contemporary

drawn above
Egyptian cotton thread, staples
55 feet by 66 inches by 18 inches

drawn below
graphite on cotton mat board
42.5 feet by 59 inches
shown in drawn together at Haw Contemporary
Kansas City, MO
photography by Derek Porter

Using eye level as a coordinating reference point and measure of scale, drawn together, is an immersive exhibition that summons an awareness of the body in space. Here, the body was a messenger of physical and emotional geographies. Above is a hovering, airy cloud of fine white threads spanning the gallery's long dimension; aligned and below eye level is a dense black drawings that in scale and breadth mirrors and things the installation. These two massive works bring together my expanded definitions of drawing languages as they utilize subtle shifts in color and tone, tool surface, delicate materiality, perspective and architectural space.

Together, drawn above and drawn below open the architecture of the gallery into two spaces. Upon entry into the gallery, a transverse them panoramic view of the thread and graphite drawing together offer a wide peripheral perspective. After ducking under the shimmering white thread, an intimate more contained space existed between the thread and the graphite drawing.

I made this work as I prepared to move to upstate New York. The work is a metaphor for my deep gratitude to the Kansas City community who has supported me of more than 20 years.