shift lens @ The Mattress Factory

shift lens
Egyptian cotton thread, staples
20 feet by 8 feet by 5 feet

Factory Installed, at The Mattress Factory
Pittsburgh, PA
May 15 2015 thru 27 March 2016
photography by Derek Porter

shift lens is a response to the front third floor 1414 Monterey gallery at The Mattress Factory that was likely originally used as a bedroom, with two sash windows, woodwork and painted wooden floor. I was particularly taken with how the windows present themselves as a lens, as though you are on the inside of a camera. I decided to stretch taut thread in vertical and horizontal directions within the architecture – in opposing cool and warm tones - in front of the windows to filter the natural light, to alter your vision and create a floating volume of color. 

I made the work in scale to the body, with it’s bottom edge near ones' knees and it’s top at the reach of ones' hand as it reaches overhead. This is the zone of the body’s primal and physiological understanding of space.