shift white @ Dolphin Gallery

shift - white
Egyptian cotton thread, staples
solo exhibition at Dolphin Gallery
Kansas City, MO
January - March 2013
photography by Derek Porter

Recently, I began studying the piano again after some 35-40 years. I have found that I am drawn to minor tones, model form and dissonant chords - sounds that cause you to pause and wonder where it originates culturally. Someone told me recently to play each of the model scales on the piano (Dorian, Lydian, Phrygian, etc.), and to ask myself what continent or cultural tradition from which it seems to resonate. I did that for months, tuning my ear to extremely subtle differences.

Overall, my installations address color as powerful expression of the subconscious, the spiritual, the physiological and the optical. They are essentially built with color and air, filament by filament through space. They begin with a sense, a presence.

shift - white is comprised of two tangible materials: Egyptian cotton thread and staples. The conditions of natural and electrical light, as well as the intangible internal structure of the work made it dynamic and ephemeral, disappearing and reappearing.

shift - white was made specifically for a gallery space at a time of intense personal loss and became a metaphor for that loss and transcendence. I created an extremely subtle architectural gesture that slowly emerged and lifted out of the corner, and then reached and expanded to the right to become an intricate wall drawing.