Denman Maroney performed within my exhibition "fold and unfold" at the Omi International Art Center

On Saturday evening March 12, Denman Maroney performed within my exhibition "fold and unfold" at the Omi International Art Center to a rapt audience. Using his signature hyper-piano style, Denman offered an interpretive meditation on the work. He encouraged the audience to walk around and come up to see how he was altering the instrument to create unique sounds and movements.

Here are a few videos:

"on behalf of one's obsessions" opens at Haw Contemporary Friday, December 11th

Haw Contemporary opens "on behalf of one's obsessions" Friday, December 11, 2015.
Artists include: Barry Anderson, Jon Scott Anderson, Anthony Baab, Robert Bingaman, James Brinsfield, Justin Gainan, Peregrine Honig, Anne Lindberg, Marcie Miller Gross, Gary Noland, David Rhoads, Davin Watne, Susan White and Andrzej Zielinski

"The refusal to rest content, the willingness to risk excess on behalf of one's obsessions, is what distinguishes artists from entertainers, and what makes some artists adventurers on behalf of us all."  John Updike

Landscape, abstracted @ Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Anne Lindberg pivot green blue, Egyptian cotton and staples, 30ft by 21ft by 5 ft

Anne Lindberg pivot green blue, Egyptian cotton and staples, 30ft by 21ft by 5 ft

Announcing Landscape, abstracted, a group exhibition curated by Al Miner, Assistant Curator of Contemporart Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, opening August 16, 2014 thru July 30, 2017 in the Eunice and Julian Cohen Galleria (Gallery 265). 

I am thrilled to create a new installation for this exciting exhibition that includes work by: Nicole Chesney, Song Dong, Tara Donovan, Teresita Fernandez, Spencer Finch, Barbara Gallucci, David Hockney, Anne Lindberg and Jason Middlebrook.  

From the museum's press release:

This new installation in the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art’s Eunice and Julian Cohen Galleria offers a contemporary spin on landscape art. Ten works, including sculptures, paintings, installation, and video art, present contemporary art as the latest chapter in the story of landscape art through the ages, as told by the MFA’s encyclopedic collection. Works include a number of new acquisitions that have never before been on view, as well as new commissions by Jason Middlebrook and Anne Lindberg. Their soaring creations evoke nature’s sublime potential through color and pattern, using the dramatic architecture of the Linde Family Wing to guide their work.

Jason Middlebrook has been invited to paint the largest wall in the Cohen Galleria, which measures 24 by 80 feet. Middlebrook’s signature patterning weds the geometry of modern abstraction with the lines of wood grain to “create a tension between something organic and something man-made.” Another site-specific work by artist Anne Lindberg evokes nature by using only thread and staples. Suspended from the vaulted ceiling of the Linde Family Wing’s second floor, Lindberg’s work soars gracefully above visiting guests. This is the first time Lindberg has created a work installed at this height (16½ feet), allowing visitors to look up through a field of color.

Works from the MFA’s collection that expand the definition of “landscape” beyond the horizon line include chenille beanbag Topia Chairs (2008) by Barbara Gallucci, a professor at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Another take on the theme is seen in the playful video, Eating Landscape (2005), which depicts artist Song Dong (Chinese, born in 1966) building an edible tableau that satirizes traditional Chinese ink landscapes.

Working in the legacy of Claude Monet, Spencer Finch’s Shield of Achilles (Dawn, Troy, 10/27/02) (2013), re-creates the light of dawn. He carefully observes and notates the colors at a precise time and location, reproducing them with filtered fluorescent light bulbs. Ghost (Vines) (2013) by Teresita Fernández references nature’s fleeting presence. Layers of precision-cut metal are backed with bright green silkscreen ink that casts a soft green glow around sharp, machined edges––mimicking the pattern of moss. Other works on view in the installation include Two Whites Over Antique Red Over Cadmium Red (2013) by Pat Steir, Garrowby Hill (1998) by David Hockney, Verity (magenta blue), Repose, and Verity (blue green gray) by Nicole Chesney, andUntitled (2003) by Tara Donovan.

drawn together opens Friday, May 30 @ Haw Contemporary

I'm pleased to announce the opening of drawn together  by Anne Lindberg and Ummagumma by Anthony Baab @ Haw Contemporary on Friday, May 30th from 5 - 9pm. 


Anne Lindberg ­drawn together

drawin together-detail for web.jpg

Anne Lindberg, in drawn together at Haw Contemporary, presents for the first time both two and three-dimensional drawings conceived as an environmental work that activates the full spectrum of the gallery space.

eye level as a coordinating reference point and measure of scale, her immersive exhibition gracefully summons an awareness of the body in space. Here, the body is a messenger of physical and emotional geographies.  Above is a hovering, airy cloud of fine white threads spanning the gallery’s long dimension; aligned and below eye level is a dense black drawing that in scale and breadth mirrors and hinges the installation. These two massive works bring together Lindberg’s expanded definitions of drawing languages as they utilize subtle shifts in color & tone, tool, surface, delicate materiality, perspective and architectural space. drawn together deepens the phenomenological and physiological underpinnings of her practice and firmly positions her as a strong influence in the dialogue on drawing in contemporary art. 

As Lindberg prepares to move to upstate New York, drawn together is a metaphor to express her deep gratitude to the Kansas City community who has supported her for more than 20 years.

Lindberg’s work has been in exhibitions at venues including The Drawing Center (NYC), Tegnerforbundet (Norway), SESC Bom Retiro (Sao Paulo), Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit Institute of Art, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Cranbrook Art Museum, Nevada Museum of Art, and Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Her work is held in collections of the Nevada Museum of Art, Detroit Institute of Art, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Spencer Museum of Art, Collection of Howard & Cindy Rachofsky, US Sprint, H&R Block, UIowa Hospitals & Clinics, Missouri Bank & Trust, American Century Investments, Hewlett Packard, Kansas City Chiefs, Federal Reserve Bank and many private collections internationally.

In 2014, Lindberg’s work has been exhibited at US Embassy in Rangoon, Burma, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and Carrie Secrist Gallery. She is preparing for a group exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston this summer, and in 2015 at the University of Wyoming Art Museum and The Mattress Factory.

Lindberg is recipient of a 2011 Painters & Sculptors Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, Charlotte Street Foundation Fellowship, two ArtsKC Fund Inspiration Grants, Lighton International Artists Exchange grant, Art Omi International Artists Residency, two AIA Allied Arts and Crafts awards, 2013 Coda Art + Design Award, and Mid-America National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. She holds a BFA from Miami University and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her studio is currently in Kansas City. 

Anthony Baab ­Ummagumma

"My aim in these works was to create a living, moving image. I began with a photograph of a folded sheet of glossy paper that was printed, re­folded, and re-­photographed many times. The process later required drawing to further animate the graphic content of the photograph. Further on, sculptural forms push the photograph into three­-dimensional space, only to be compressed into a flat image again. I returned to drawing in the stipple drawings in order to introduce a slow, kinesthetic means of image making that evokes sci­-fi and fantasy art from the 70’s and M.C. Escher’s morphing landscapes. Exhibited together, these works and their conditional mutations and adaptations lead to something altogether new."

Anthony Baab is an artist and adjunct instructor living in Kansas City who studied painting and printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute (2004) before obtaining an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Cornell University (2009). Representing a wide range of media, his recent work consists of photographs, sculptures, and large­-scale models that explore Minimalist notions of self ­reflexivity. He is a Charlotte Street Award Recipient (2006) who has participated in solo and group shows through various organizations including: Grand Arts, Nelson­ Atkins Museum of Art, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, and Tompkins Projects. His work is included in several permanent collections including The Nelson ­Atkins Museum of Art, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Microsoft Collection. Publications include 10: Ten Years Fifty Six Artists, (Stacy Switzer), “No Static Models For This Artist”, Kansas City Star (Alice Thorson), and “Nonbeing There”, cover story for The Pitch Kansas City (Tracy Abeln). 

you can view the press release on Haw Contemporary's website at