the long sun, a solo exhibition of new work by Anne Lindberg opens at CAM Raleigh, February 2, 2018

the long sun, a solo exhibition of new work by Anne Lindberg opens at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, NC on Friday February 2, and runs through June 10, 2018

“Is honey the living equivalent of gold? Supposing one tried to give temperatures to colors. In a sense, we do it all the time when talking about warm and cool ones. A certain Red is 98 degrees C, Ultramarine is 7 degrees C, Cobalt Blue is -10 degrees C etc. Maybe yellow is the one color which is body temperature 37 degrees C. And so, the ancient Egyptians believed it was the color of immortality. You are struck by the fact that yellow is never regular, it’s varied. As you say it stores and reflects light, but it receives and gives off waves
which are not constant – as though its surface is liquid rather than solid.
And this irregularity reminds us of living skin…of a body.”

From I Send You This Cadmium Red – a correspondence between
writer John Berger and John Christie

Barcelona : ACTAR, in collaboration with MALM 2000

Anne Lindberg’s new solo exhibition the long sun brings light, materiality and rhythm to ruminations on the sun in context, eliciting qualities that are optical and spatial, emotional and tangential.

Lindberg cites a long tradition of the relationship of deep thinking and creating to time spent walking – connecting this practice to Henri Rousseau, William Wordsworth, Robert Walser and Virginia Woolf.  the long sun expounds on the seamless relationship between the pace of her step and the evolution of the work in both two and three dimensions. Thousands of lines are pulled across a pliant mat board and cast between walls while walking. This work carries with it a quiet reserve, emotional power, and formal abstraction, building a gradient light, with a slow and telling use of tone to find meaning.

Lindberg studio time is a paced and daily conversation with place, in body and mind. From her studio in the Hudson River Valley, elements of light, space, and time coalesce from this understanding. As this work generates fundamental questions about time, causality and sequence, Lindberg speaks in an essential way to the human condition. the long sun presents a visual and bodily experience that conjoins personal and abstract voices with a sense that alchemy can exist in everyday life.

Below are images of the drawings - installation shots will be added as soon as the custom work is completed in the gallery (week of January 25 - Feb 1)